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    Welcome to Philly Habit

    Welcome to Philly Habit

    Life is Good In Philly

    Ah, Philadelphia, where the wine flows like beer and the pretzels are always warm. Where it's always sunny (except of course at night and even then, maybe it's even sunnier?) and the smell alternates as you walk, from baked bread, piss, fresh flowers, beer and back to bread. Buildings are rising, neighborhoods are revitalizing and a new brewery is opening every other day. It's a wonderful time to be a Philadelphian. 

    Even more so now that you have discovered Philly Habit. For now you can wear your Philly pride literally on your sleeves. We hope you're enjoying your visit here and have found something new and unexpected. Let us know what you think. We've got more planned, and hope you come along for the ride with us. It's going to be weird and fantastic. Quit smoking.